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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

“Green Awareness Get Set”

The Background

“Green Awareness Get Set”
Indonesian Tourism industry has been struggling to recover for several years now. Along those years the word ‘crisis’ become less and less meaningful. Hotel, Tourism and Hospitality stakeholders find crisis is now just a matter of normal daily fact of life.
Hospitality Seminar is a half day seminar hosted by IAPINDO, Ikatan Ahli Perhotelan Indonesia. The seminar is devoted to the courageous and dedicated Hospitality industry players who regardless of what most people say and feel around Global Climate Change and Environmental Concerns following the Global Climate Summit in Bali 2007

The Seminar
Hospitality Seminar presents facts, information, knowledge and delivers various critical aspects and topics around the position of Global Climate Change in Indonesia compared to other regional destinations.

Hospitality Seminar analyses Indonesia Green market overview/outlook and Hospitality Industry Awareness of Environmental that are combined with regional market understanding; shaping a unique insight of Indonesia’s position within the regional competitive destination market place.
Hospitality Seminar analyses the current position’s advantages and disadvantages in the most enlightening set-up presenting various Global Climate independent consultants and Non Government Organizations
Hospitality Seminar assesses various strategic options available in order to formulate the most strategically fit routes to highlight and tap opportunities at current Indonesia Hospitality Industry position within the regional competitive destination market place. Maintaining and penetrating further down at Green and Eco market segments while gaining and expanding into new potential market segments

The Speakers
The Seminar will be open by HE. Jero Wacik, Minister of Culture and Tourism Department of the Republic of Indonesia **, addressing to the audience on a macro outlook and it’s relation to tourism industry particularly Jakarta, as the Nation’s main gate initiator on Global Climate Change. Mr. Ade Suryanto of DPP Iapindo as the Chairman will also gives welcoming speech to the audience. Other speakers and/or panelists are:

1. I Gede Ardika former Minister Culture and Tourism Department Republic of Indonesia
2. United Nations on Global Climate Mission
3. Government & Non Government Organizations
4. Prof. Lee Siew Eang – National University of Singapore
5. Mr. Charles Brookfield – CEO Aston International **
6. Professional Practitioner whom have initiate Green Properties

Timing and Venue
January 19th 2008

08:00 to 14:00 hours
14:00 to 20:00 hours

Grand Ballroom
Hotel Bumikarsa Bidakara Jakarta


Print Advertisements:
Media Indonesia
The Jakarta Post

Radio Stations:
Trijaya FM

(All 3, 4 and 5 stars hotels in Jakarta)
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Direct Mailing

the audience
1. Members of IAPINDO ( Ikatan Ahli Perhotelan Indonesia)
2. Members of the hotel owner association, PHRI (Perhimpunan Hotel & Restaurant Indonesia)
3. Members of JIHA (the Jakarta International Hotel Association)
4. Members of GM’s Mid Hotel Forum
5. H3J-Himpunan Humas Hotel Jakarta, HSMA - Hotel Sales & Marketing Manager Association, Frontliner – Front Office Manager’s Association, IFBEC, IHKA HCMA, HSMA, HHRMA, ACI
6. Government and Non Government Organizations
7. Hotel Chain/Management Companies
8. Restaurants & Café Professional
9. Malls and Shopping Centre Associations
10. Apartments Association
11. Hospitals Association
12. Professionals in the hotel and tourism industries
13. Airlines and Travel Agents
14. Lecturer/Students from Hospitality School & Academy
15. Printed and Electronic Media

Ø IAPINDO Member : Rp 250,000
Ø Non IAPINDO Member : Rp 500,000
Ø Students : Rp 150,000


BCA 228.138.7377 a/n Ade Suryanto. Proof of Payment should be Faxed to
831-5828 or 581 – 6216


· IAPINDO’s Secretariat
Jl. Tebet Timur Dalam II G No. 7
Tebet – Jakarta Selatan
Tel/Fax : 8315828
· E-mail to

further information
· Ade Suryanto Soerojo BSc, MS
Chairman of IAPINDO
Mobile : 08111 68189

· Henny Puspitasari
Secretary General of IAPINDO
Mobile : 08177 76214 / 0816 908625

· Arief Zulkarnain
Vice Chairman Congress 2008
Mobile: 0816 136 4455

· Jamal Muhamad
Marketing & Promotion Congress 2008
Mobile: 08111 64955

Monday, November 12, 2007

Medical Check up

Halo teman-teman semua,

Salam Hotelier, mau kasih penawaran untuk semua hotelier klo ada yang mau cek up company/ personal bisa hubungin sy di jamin dpt diskon

Picture courtesy of : Portal On Yahoo Group On Friendster

Yahoo Messanger

Hotelier Indonesia Magazine

aku tunggu di wafi ,dubai

hi, tman2 kalo ada kegiatan kuliner kabar kabari yah.

aku tunggu di wafi ,dubai

chef maulana
Sous Chef Wafi Dubai

for Hotelier Indonesia

Dear respected Indonesian Hoteliers and Hotelier Experts,
It is our commitment to supply best Indonesian hotelier to work in a new destination where most of us might never thought about it in the past. Almost all of us are looking for a job for career in either Cruiselines; Europe or USA for shake of money.
But, let us think about this for a while.
  1. Do we still want to work with the same position in the last 5 years without any promotion or recongnition?
  2. Do we still want to be consider as second class hotel professional even by some of our own hotel owner?
  3. Are you keen to look for money? or Career?
  4. I agree that Cruiselines Industry; Europe and USA job offering tempting salary but have you think about the age effect of when you apply for another job in the future?
  5. What do you think you want to do once you reach age of 38-45 whilst you never work in Management level?
We have a lot of succees strory that we really want you to experience and we really want you to be another success story which we could tell others as well.
Thus, If you are a person that wish to be recognised of what you do; if you are thinking to be a recognised Manager/Department head/Corporate office VP in one of International chain property in the future and not just another guy that work for a living and getting the same salary in the last 2-6 years.
OR if you are a guy that not keen to work under employment contract that only last for 3-12 months without being properly paid or recognised of what you do.
Then, maybe it is the time for you to move to a new place; a new city; a new country.
Let me tell you about the city where most of the people start telling other that this is the city of Gold; The Cosmopolitan city of Middle East; The Jewel of Arabia.
The Emirate of Dubai in the U.A.E. is one of the great success stories internationally in the process of economic development. Traditionally the trading hub of the Region, Dubai is now extending its success into tourism and knowledge based industries.
Dubai's strategic location is also a key element in its success. The heart of one of the worlds richest regions, Dubai is located midway between the Far East and Europe. Over 120 shipping lines and 100 airlines connect to more than 140 global destinations. The award winning Emirates airlines is ever expanding into new destinations.
Surrounded by vast dunes of rolling sand lapping at the foothills of the arid Hajar mountains to the east, Dubai has come of age as the ideal tourist destination. Often known as ‘The City of Gold' or ‘The City of Lights', these days it seems like it could be known as ‘The City of Records'. With the first 7-star hotel, the first ski domain in desert the largest man-made islands the richest horse race in the world and soon to be Burj Dubai the tallest towers in the world. Dubai is also breaking records for tourism growth. Between 2001 and 2004 the yearly number of visitors to Dubai has grown by almost fifty per cent to over 6 million and I manage to get couple of picture shot from the top of the Burj Dubai from one of my candidates.
If you are curious and wants to see more about Dubai please do visit the following websites:
  5. And many more......
Next year in 2008 our company JAM Worldwide Hospitality Recruitment Services will facing one big challenge to provide between 800 -1500 Indonesian hotelier to work in this particular city.
As we are aiming to be The Prefered Hospitality Recruitment Services in Indonesia that specialised solely for Hospitality Industry that able providing all rank recruitment and we could promise you that we will treat all applicants in professional manners.
Thus, we would need a Big Support from our fellow hotelier to think about what I have stated above and start spreading the news that Dubai is not other Arab city where women will be rape when they walk alone in the middle of the night; or other arab city/country knowned by their horror story.
It is the cosmopolitan city of Middle East; Jewel of the Arabia and it is the city that you should built your dream or if you disagreeing at least consider Dubai as a place to build your career so one day when Indonesia tourism come back you will be ready to position your selves as an expat and not as a another excess bagage at your own home/premises.
We are welcoming all applicants for all categories for all rank to apply as of today onwards and please do note that we proud ourselves by maintaining our business ethic and there will be no advance charges will be collected.
Do note that some of our client Paying for our fees as well for processing cost for exit clearance. However, we also would only recommend candidates having a high end criteria to apply or will recommend for this particular clientele.
Also do note that 30-35% of our clients paying minimum basic salary of USD 400 ++ (Service Charge accommodation; three meals/day; transportation; Insurance etc)
If you are interested please do submit your CV (only) with recent photograph to and please do not hesitate to contact me or any of my team member in person for any further information.
Do note that JAM Worldwide does not work nor having working relationship with any other recruiters/agency in Indonesia so if you would like to visit our offices please do only go to offices address below:
JAM Worldwide Hospitality Recruitment Services Indonesia

Bandung (Administration & Recruitment Centre)
2nd Floor Jl. Lemah Nendeut No. 1 Pasteur
Bandung 40164 Indonesia
Tel: +62 (0) 22 70469900
Fax: +62 (0) 22 70455550

Bali (Recruitment Centre)
Jl. Tukad Banyu Poh II No. 2B Panjer
Denpasar 80223 Indonesia
Tel: +62 (0) 361 7829190

Jakarta (Recruitment Centre)
3rd Floor Gedung Arva
Jl. Gondang Dia Lama (RP Suroso) No. 40
Jakarta 10350 Indonesia
Tel: +62 (0) 21 70937727

Surabaya (Recruitment Centre)
3 rd Floor Ruko Manyar Indah Building , Block D No. 29
Jl. Ngagel Jaya Selatan Surabaya
Tel: +62 (0) 31 70540555
Thank you for your kind attention and I remain with hotelier regards.
Kind regards,

Aditya Nugraha
Managing Director

Office: 2nd Floor Jl. Lemah Nendeut No. 1A Bandung 40164 Indonesia
Phone: +62 (0) 22 70469900 Fax: +62 (0) 22 70455550
Recruitment Centres: Jakarta; Denpasar Bali; Surabaya
License Registration in Indonesia SIPPTKI No: 584/MEN/2006

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Buka Puasa bareng Pesantren BSC

Buka Puasa bareng Pesantren BSC Al-Futuwwah di Jl. H. Tholib Cipete Utara Kebayoran Baru
Hotel Four Seasons Jakarta
October 9, 2007
Agenda : Welcome by GM, Mr Vikram Reddy
Coloring Competition
Kultum - Kuliah Tujuh Menit by Ustadz Abi dari Radio Kiss FM
Shalat Maghrib dan buka bersama

Cahyadi Pakeh
Learning Manager
Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta
Jalan H.R Rasuna Said, Jakarta 12920, Indonesia
Tel: (62-21) 252-3456
Fax: (62-21) 252-4480
email: mailto:

Monday, October 15, 2007

Chef De Partie – Western,Hotel Malya Bandung

 (Boutique Hotel)

Urgently required:
Chef De Partie – Western

Please send your CV by E-mail or contact me as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Anton Pradipta

Hotel Malya Bandung

Jl.Rancabentang 56 - 58

Bandung 40142




E-mail :
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